Gas station technology

For the optimal connection between the fuel pump and the customer: nozzles, hoses, fittings and safety breaks.

AdBlue® filling

Confusion-proof and clean refueling with urea solution from trucks, cars and vans: nozzles, filling hoses and accessories.

Tank truck (loading & unloading)

For more efficiency and safety: hoses, couplings, fittings and rubber expansion joints for road tankers.

Aircraft refueling

For maximum security at the airport: hoses, fittings, overwing nozzles and accessories.

Chemistry & Pharma

For clean media transport: special hoses and fittings for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Tank car (loading and unloading)

Hoses, couplings and fittings for tank wagons.

LPG (refueling, loading and unloading)

Safety for LPG hoses, couplings, nozzles / accessories and rubber expansion joints.

Ship (bunkering, loading and unloading)

Efficiency and reliability: Bunker and tank hoses for mineral oil products, gases and chemicals - up to DN 300 - matching flange and coupling connections.

Rubber expansion joints for pipeline systems

Flexible connections for all industrial sectors and ships, DN 25-1000, for almost all media.